Energy Must Circulate

All energy must circulate

All energy must circulate otherwise it becomes stagnant, useless and eventually transforms …everything is energy

Love is energy, money is energy, water, air, and the human body is energy. Without circulation energy becomes stagnant. Hoarding money, love, water, etc. has no beneficial purpose. Without sharing energy has no value in that form. It must move in order to retain its life force or its value. Energy is life force.

All energy must circulate Energy is Life-force poster.001

Sharing means circulation. Sharing is movement or exchange of energy.

We can say a man is worth millions of dollars, but that would not be an accurate statement. A man’s worth is not measured by his possessions. The value of the money, does not belong to the man, it belongs to the money. The money only has worth because someone has decided it has a certain value. If a man is walking down the street and has hoarded millions of paper money, gold or silver in a vault, not a soul would know that he has that material in a vault. He would have to share that information with someone in order for him or her to know it. He would have to show someone else the money he had hoarded. Furthermore that someone else would have to agree to the value they saw.

A person hoarding billions of dollars is not powerful because they are reported to have that money. It is only because we have given them that power. Money has no goodness or evilness at all. It is energy and stagnant money can do nothing at all. If money is not exchanged for something someone else has that is desired, if it is not circulating it is actually worthless. It gets its value from the perception of what it can buy, but hoarding it itself does nothing. If we decided tomorrow that we valued a smile more than money, that money would be worthless to the person who was perpetually smiling. Of course we are not going to shift into valuing a smile that much overnight but that is a very simple example of truth. The value of anything is determined by our belief in its value. Nothing more or less.

A house sitting on a piece of land only has the value that someone else is willing to agree it has and exchange something of equal value; usually that is money. But until that exchange happens (which is sharing-circulation of believed equal valued items), the house only has value to the person who owns it. In other words, the observer decides the value of the house.

Fresh water that becomes trapped or blocked, sitting in a dug out that cannot move will transform itself through evaporation, or become stagnant, polluted and grow bacteria or overgrowth of other life forms because it must move, change and transform. It will have very little value to someone who is thirsty or needs to provide water to their family or animals. All energy must move therefore it must be shared. Energy is life force.

Nature has provided great lessons for humans to learn about life on planet earth. Nature shares energy constantly. When we do not receive enough of sun, rain or wind the earth herself shows us the negative side of withholding energy. When it is held back from sharing easily, perhaps blocked in some way, it eventually unleashes a torrent of abundant and sometimes violent weather and we also see the damage it causes. Natural easy sharing that circulates the energy in steady even flows creates balance, harmony and peace. It is about balance.

When the natural flow is denied, chaos can be the result. When we withhold love from others or ourselves it can be painful. Depression, fear, can build up inside our bodies and result in dis-ease, pain, and violent outbursts.

If we allow ourselves the natural flow of emotions, they cleanse our body of toxins, like the rivers that flow easily through rocks cleansing itself as it goes.

Today we are living on a planet with many blockages to the natural circulation of energy and we are witnessing the violence, chaos, fear, disease and trauma as a result. We can see the symptoms of hoarding of money, the denial of many of the natural resources like fresh water, healthy food and air, security and love. People are fighting and dying over diamonds for example, which have no value at all, other than that we have decided they do.

We can also see the wars, family violence, divided peoples because of religion, culture, gender, financial class or life choices. All of these symptoms are parts of a collective disease, in my observation, but none are the real reason for the chaos. We are blocking the natural and easy flow of energy.

We have forgotten how to share, but more importantly we have forgotten that sharing is not only a social protocol it’s a necessity to life.

Withholding love, withholding basic life needs to some out of fear that there is not enough to go around, has created detrimental and vast manipulations of relationships with each other and with our planet.

Fear is the root to withholding. Fear is most often based on the unknown and in many cases the root fear is of our own death.

It is absurd to me to explore this situation; but it appears that the hoarding on so many levels, which is just another word for blocking circulation, is done out of fear of our demise. Yet that lack of circulation is what is killing our species and hurting our planet.

When our body stops circulating life force, we die. Our bodies are energy. When that life force gives up trying to survive on planet earth we will let go and be transformed into spirit. Energy does not die and yet we fear death of the body, all the while we are stopping it from circulating healthy life force. Nature has shown us over and over again that blocking circulation of life force will always be overcome, usually with a violent breakthrough.

My hope is that we will recognize the shortsightedness of trying to prevent our death and the death of our planet by blocking the circulation of love, money, resources, and learn that sharing is truly our only way to thriving on this planet.

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Lets Get Real Chattin with Catherine 2017

At this point in time I feel I must notify you that the website for Lets Get Real Chattin with Catherine is no longer available. I know there were years of posts, shows, articles etc, and I regret that I was no longer able to maintain the show’s expenses.

It started as a fun thing to do, to explore with people wanting to share new insights and often profound wisdom. Moved from the blogtalk format to videos etc., I’ve had some big hurdles to overcome in my personal life, the sudden death of my son in 2012, just after I launched the shows, and then last June my mother passed.

I am working on my book, along with my continued explorations and healing insights. I will share with you here when I feel called, perhaps on my blog as well.

The youtube channel still has shows you can view, and the blogtalk shows are still archived; there is just not a website to find all the resources etc. My apologies for any inconvenience to you.

I am still available for speaking engagements when time etc. permits. I’d love to host a serious of shows again, and perhaps that door will open in a new way in the future. I’m not ending anything here, just evolving and aware that without financial support for this kind of work it just cannot be sustained long term. I will certainly notify you when the book is available for anyone who is interested. It is the documentation/exploration of how trauma, tragedy, death etc. in our lives, or shall I say, in my life, especially through my personal experience has offered me both challenges and many unexpected gifts.

Thanks to everyone for your support, encouragement and wonderful feedback! Blessings…and much much gratitude!💓

Faces of Fall 2017

Many Faces of Fall poster.001

I love the seasons of life. As we enter Fall in the northern hemisphere I am reminded that every season births the next one.

Each one ending gives a gift to the next, as the leaves fall and the weather gets cooler, all that dying and resting becomes the nourishment for next spring.
It can be the same with our personal lives. What was, is no more. And there are gifts from the past, even from the struggles, that enrich our next phase.

Falling is part of life. We learn as we fall, we learn to trust that something will catch us; that the fall itself can be exhilarating. We can become stronger from that falling experience. We can tweak our movements, style and process and become more than we were yesterday.

Enjoy all the faces of fall, all the stages of life, all the seasons as they unfold their gems and gifts.

©Catherine Whelan Costen 2017


May This Be Your Best Fall Ever

‘Here’s to the Best Fall You Ever Had…

Here's to the Best Fall Ever.001May all your falls lead to treasure, joy and peace! No matter from how far you fall, let the bottom be delicious!’ Sept. 22, 2017 Catherine Whelan Costen

Walking Dead~Living Cautiously

Walking Dead~ Living Cautiously
Trying to Survive the Unsurvivable

Sometimes due to external circumstances or beliefs, especially trauma, we can begin to hold back on living.

Walking Dead.001

Often we do not even realize how cautiously we are living. How many times we want to take a certain path but we do not because of some inner trigger that warns us to hold back. Sometimes that is our true guidance, but other times its our programmed reaction to life. ‘Once burnt twice shy’, is a very apt quote for living cautiously.

Some people believe that there are natural risk takers in this world, but I wonder if that is a truth or an accepted lie? Personally I think it’s a risk to come to planet earth period, which leads me to believe we are natural risk takers, all of us.

So what makes some people grab life by the teeth and chew hard and long. What makes some people devour life’s juices and paint pictures for the rest of us to sit back and watch? What makes other people sit in their cubicles and colour within the lines with the two crayons they were given, never mixing the colours or shading, or imagining anything beyond what’s on that page?

I think life teaches us as we go. Not that the risk takers do not fail, or fall, or make mistakes; certainly they do. Our environment informs us and part of that environment is our family, teachers, society and friends of course. What the world tells us about those experiences called mistakes or failings, has an influence on how we feel about ourselves. We may not be able to change those experiences, but we can change the meaning we accepted as children. We can change, if we want to change. So often people accept themselves and their circumstances as fixed, but as long as we are breathing we can change.

Living cautiously with a subconscious idea that we are preventing our death, is not really living in my mind. Death is a given. We get on this ride called planet earth and we all eventually drop our bodies and get off the ride. So we cannot avoid it.

Prolonging our time on the ride can be done, but if we do not taste the juice of life, then what is the point of the ride? We can prolong the life of a vehicle by only driving it on sunny days, on roads with little traffic, and keep it safely in a garage but what is the point of that vehicle? Our bodies are our vehicles and keeping them maintained is important, but using them to experience life is really what they are for; in my opinion.

We are not going to avoid death, so there is no point in trying to survive this planet, its just an illusion; but we can avoid life. I hope you don’t! The next time you want to do something you think is risky, ask yourself if the voice in your head yelling, ‘don’t do it we’re all gonna die’ is a truth, a conditioned program, a family story, or if it’s a genuine warning that there is danger. Sometimes that ‘we’re all gonna die’ is a subconscious family story about you or anyone, getting up on a stage and embarrassing the whole family. That tells you its not a truth, but a belief that has been passed down to you as a controlling mechanism by the tribe and you can accept it or throw it away. If you are about to drive off a climb, its probably not the family history yelling at you not to do it, but your true guidance system!

But at least in looking at the fear, you’ll know it is your choice and not just a reactionary move to keep you in an illusion of safety. Life is meant to be lived not feared. Many people say they are afraid of death, but I think more are afraid of life. (I’ve had my own fears and relate very well to this process, most of the screaming in my head had very little to do with my actual physical safety and more about me stepping outside of the family role I inherited) .

Something to consider perhaps?

Here’s to life! May we all Thrive!
Catherine Whelan Costen
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The End Does NOT Justify the Means

Today’s blog post by Catherine Whelan Costen

A few thoughts I’m having this morning…People have been conditioned to believe that corruption in politics, business, public service and even relationships is part of life. There is a degree of acceptance today that I find really disconcerting.

So often people tell me that this is actually how its always been; well if so then we ought not be surprised at all by our current eroded society.

We clearly expect it. Why the outrage when it happens in any area, but mainly only if it affects us personally?

The idea that we can expect corruption, manipulation, lies, cheating in these aspects of life and not be outraged tells me that we have eroded our values. Many people say that winning is what matters most. But what do we win when we employ methods such as those?
Relationships built on such low values cannot last, cannot produce the goodness we say we want. It seems the one area that we as a society will not tolerate corruption, cheating and unfair advantages is with our athletes.
No fan wants their team or athlete to win by cheating. Its the only area of life that we hold people to a high standard, high enough that we’ll strip them of their medals, or fire them from their job, or prevent them from participating in future competitions.

Its so bizarre to me to see this, while the majority of people say they want healthy relationships, want people to keep their word, want transparency, honesty, integrity and respectful societies. We say it yet we expect the opposite and accept such low moral values in so many areas of life. We say we want honesty in business and express great screams of victim mentality when someone treats us unfairly or cheats us through any perceived dishonesty; but someone is clearly doing it. It is happening and in the end when it is not affecting us personally we often say, ‘well some people are just not trustworthy’. People cheat on spouses and we say its human nature. People lie and manipulate in personal relationships and we complain about it, but surely these happenings are not being done by just a few. Surely we are not the exception to these patterns; because if we are then why do we see so much of it in so many areas of life?

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Men Teach Boys~It takes a village

Men teach boys.001.jpgChildren listen to what you do more than to what you say…everywhere we go in society we as adults are showing children what we expect of them. Whether they are our own flesh and blood, or the child we see at the grocery store…they are watching us…

Men and women are outraged at the rape culture and some express frustration at how to stop it; while others see the penalties are just not enough for the crimes committed. But there is something else going on that is not being addressed in my opinion and its staring us right in the face.

As long as some people are willing to turn a blind eye to the objectification, the abuse, the might is right attitude still pervasive in society that says men have the right to own, control, use women for their pleasure, fodder for their jokes, sex to sell their products and generally dehumanize and put down women; as long as we accept this as ok, we’ll continue to see the actions that follow the mindset.

Rape is not sex. Rape is violence against another human being. It is not going to end by castrating the offender, or locking them up. Its going to end when we stop rewarding masculine dominance over women and children in our world. Women and children are not property to be owned. Some will suggest that putting down women is not the same as rape; no its not but its the attitude that contributes to the undervaluing of the human being that contributes to the violence. Rape is overpowering, manipulating, controlling another human being and that is happening in many other areas of our lives; rape is the extreme expression of that mindset; from my observation.

Women have been attempting to change this attitude for a long time; now it is time for men to step up to the plate and consciously be aware of the example they are setting in their homes, their workplace and in social settings. It is also time for women to speak up and teach their daughters that they are not property, do deserve to be respected and to give them the self confidence to value themselves. We as the adults have to support the society we want and feed that, rather than pretending its not happening; or its only happening to those people.

We are not living alone on this planet and what happens to some in our society affects us all.

Surrender is NOT Giving UP!

Sharing an excerpt from my upcoming book…’Exploring Higher Visions’

I’d love to hear your feedback. You can comment on the website, or email via the contact link. Here is the link to the article…feel free to share.

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Show Me the Infection

I know this might sound wild but I’m really loving seeing all the corruption and hate coming to the surface…the more this stuff gets up and out of people’s subconscious the more we can heal it!

None of this power and control, manipulation of our food, air and water etc. is really new, none of the taking over of nations, over throwing governments by other governments etc is new…None of it…
None of the racial hate, smear campaigns or fear based media is new…

But why I applaud it coming out is that until we actually see how twisted and how much we’ve been played.  Man with magnify glass

It’s like a body detox…the more that stuff comes up and out, the more we see, the more we say, ‘wow…time to change’

I know many really object to hearing about it, or seeing it and many will pretend the body is not sick…and that only prolongs the dis-ease…

So I say…let it flow and let us know and we’ll be better on the other side of this…I for one had no idea the degree of racial hatred going on behind the scenes, no idea of the degree of food manipulation going on…I had some idea about other matters…but I feel more empowered today than ever…because knowledge is power!

Today I no longer have to pretend I didn’t hear or make excuses for why someone said something so mean, hateful or cruel…now I can simply say ‘NO that is not right’ …because as long as we the masses, continue to make excuses for bad behaviour we are allowing it to continue…

and just like some people cannot stand to see infection oozing from the body, many can’t stand to see it in the news or hear it from someone else…and I respect that…but for me, it’s all about seeing beyond the infection and I applaud it!

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I’m Not Into Politics! Really?

I hear that statement all the time…’I’m NOT into politics!’ Really?

Some people don’t like politics, don’t like to hear about anything going on in the political world and some people think that its none of their business…here is why I disagree…imo it’s everyone’s business…

You May Not be Into Politics.001

Breaking it down to the simplest concept…we all eat, we breathe, we drink water…everyone does at least two of those things or they die…

Whatever affects or controls, the flow of those basic needs is all of our business…
Whatever regulations are put into place that allow or deny any of those resources is regulated by government and that is politics
Whatever allows or denies the access to these resources by people is done by political systems

Laws, regulations and guidelines from gov authority tell us where we can live and how, depending on the rigidity or ease they are put in place and enforced.
If your main focus in life is your passion for healthy food…politics is your business. If socializing with like minded people is your passion, where you can do it, when and with whom is governed by laws which come through the political process and are enforced by system put in place through it.

If you are really a go getter and want to be an entrepreneur; you are governed by the rules that come through politics.

It doesn’t matter what you do, politics is your business….
For many years women were told not to even think about politics; ‘don’t worry your pretty little head’ was said to many a woman who attempted to figure things out.

Today that saying is blasted to all members of society. It’s too complicated for you common folk. But that is just another lie.

The more you know the less fear you will have, they are very directly related. Knowledge empowers and that empowerment dissolves the fear; which eventually leads to freedom.

So while you may not want to be into politics, at least realize politics is into every part of your life.

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