The End Does NOT Justify the Means

Today’s blog post by Catherine Whelan Costen

A few thoughts I’m having this morning…People have been conditioned to believe that corruption in politics, business, public service and even relationships is part of life. There is a degree of acceptance today that I find really disconcerting.

So often people tell me that this is actually how its always been; well if so then we ought not be surprised at all by our current eroded society.

We clearly expect it. Why the outrage when it happens in any area, but mainly only if it affects us personally?

The idea that we can expect corruption, manipulation, lies, cheating in these aspects of life and not be outraged tells me that we have eroded our values. Many people say that winning is what matters most. But what do we win when we employ methods such as those?
Relationships built on such low values cannot last, cannot produce the goodness we say we want. It seems the one area that we as a society will not tolerate corruption, cheating and unfair advantages is with our athletes.
No fan wants their team or athlete to win by cheating. Its the only area of life that we hold people to a high standard, high enough that we’ll strip them of their medals, or fire them from their job, or prevent them from participating in future competitions.

Its so bizarre to me to see this, while the majority of people say they want healthy relationships, want people to keep their word, want transparency, honesty, integrity and respectful societies. We say it yet we expect the opposite and accept such low moral values in so many areas of life. We say we want honesty in business and express great screams of victim mentality when someone treats us unfairly or cheats us through any perceived dishonesty; but someone is clearly doing it. It is happening and in the end when it is not affecting us personally we often say, ‘well some people are just not trustworthy’. People cheat on spouses and we say its human nature. People lie and manipulate in personal relationships and we complain about it, but surely these happenings are not being done by just a few. Surely we are not the exception to these patterns; because if we are then why do we see so much of it in so many areas of life?

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Men Teach Boys~It takes a village

Men teach boys.001.jpgChildren listen to what you do more than to what you say…everywhere we go in society we as adults are showing children what we expect of them. Whether they are our own flesh and blood, or the child we see at the grocery store…they are watching us…

Men and women are outraged at the rape culture and some express frustration at how to stop it; while others see the penalties are just not enough for the crimes committed. But there is something else going on that is not being addressed in my opinion and its staring us right in the face.

As long as some people are willing to turn a blind eye to the objectification, the abuse, the might is right attitude still pervasive in society that says men have the right to own, control, use women for their pleasure, fodder for their jokes, sex to sell their products and generally dehumanize and put down women; as long as we accept this as ok, we’ll continue to see the actions that follow the mindset.

Rape is not sex. Rape is violence against another human being. It is not going to end by castrating the offender, or locking them up. Its going to end when we stop rewarding masculine dominance over women and children in our world. Women and children are not property to be owned. Some will suggest that putting down women is not the same as rape; no its not but its the attitude that contributes to the undervaluing of the human being that contributes to the violence. Rape is overpowering, manipulating, controlling another human being and that is happening in many other areas of our lives; rape is the extreme expression of that mindset; from my observation.

Women have been attempting to change this attitude for a long time; now it is time for men to step up to the plate and consciously be aware of the example they are setting in their homes, their workplace and in social settings. It is also time for women to speak up and teach their daughters that they are not property, do deserve to be respected and to give them the self confidence to value themselves. We as the adults have to support the society we want and feed that, rather than pretending its not happening; or its only happening to those people.

We are not living alone on this planet and what happens to some in our society affects us all.

Surrender is NOT Giving UP!

Sharing an excerpt from my upcoming book…’Exploring Higher Visions’

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Show Me the Infection

I know this might sound wild but I’m really loving seeing all the corruption and hate coming to the surface…the more this stuff gets up and out of people’s subconscious the more we can heal it!

None of this power and control, manipulation of our food, air and water etc. is really new, none of the taking over of nations, over throwing governments by other governments etc is new…None of it…
None of the racial hate, smear campaigns or fear based media is new…

But why I applaud it coming out is that until we actually see how twisted and how much we’ve been played.  Man with magnify glass

It’s like a body detox…the more that stuff comes up and out, the more we see, the more we say, ‘wow…time to change’

I know many really object to hearing about it, or seeing it and many will pretend the body is not sick…and that only prolongs the dis-ease…

So I say…let it flow and let us know and we’ll be better on the other side of this…I for one had no idea the degree of racial hatred going on behind the scenes, no idea of the degree of food manipulation going on…I had some idea about other matters…but I feel more empowered today than ever…because knowledge is power!

Today I no longer have to pretend I didn’t hear or make excuses for why someone said something so mean, hateful or cruel…now I can simply say ‘NO that is not right’ …because as long as we the masses, continue to make excuses for bad behaviour we are allowing it to continue…

and just like some people cannot stand to see infection oozing from the body, many can’t stand to see it in the news or hear it from someone else…and I respect that…but for me, it’s all about seeing beyond the infection and I applaud it!

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I’m Not Into Politics! Really?

I hear that statement all the time…’I’m NOT into politics!’ Really?

Some people don’t like politics, don’t like to hear about anything going on in the political world and some people think that its none of their business…here is why I disagree…imo it’s everyone’s business…

You May Not be Into Politics.001

Breaking it down to the simplest concept…we all eat, we breathe, we drink water…everyone does at least two of those things or they die…

Whatever affects or controls, the flow of those basic needs is all of our business…
Whatever regulations are put into place that allow or deny any of those resources is regulated by government and that is politics
Whatever allows or denies the access to these resources by people is done by political systems

Laws, regulations and guidelines from gov authority tell us where we can live and how, depending on the rigidity or ease they are put in place and enforced.
If your main focus in life is your passion for healthy food…politics is your business. If socializing with like minded people is your passion, where you can do it, when and with whom is governed by laws which come through the political process and are enforced by system put in place through it.

If you are really a go getter and want to be an entrepreneur; you are governed by the rules that come through politics.

It doesn’t matter what you do, politics is your business….
For many years women were told not to even think about politics; ‘don’t worry your pretty little head’ was said to many a woman who attempted to figure things out.

Today that saying is blasted to all members of society. It’s too complicated for you common folk. But that is just another lie.

The more you know the less fear you will have, they are very directly related. Knowledge empowers and that empowerment dissolves the fear; which eventually leads to freedom.

So while you may not want to be into politics, at least realize politics is into every part of your life.

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Intention is Like a Pebble

My intention is like the pebble …

I do not control the ripple it causes, but I do control my intention


We live in a vibrational Universe and everything responds to those vibrations. The thought I think, the words I speak and write, all hold a vibration. When I send them out into the world, I cannot control how they are received.


When we know that like attracts like, we know that our intention is a vibration that will attract like minds. So if I speak love they will find those who are vibrating in love; if I speak hate they’ll reach those people. What comes back to me will be the same vibration I sent out.


So if we are receiving love, we know we’ve been intending love and if we are experiencing hate, or fear or lower vibration events we can rest assured we are sending out that low vibration. All we need do is change our vibration.


Simple, but sometimes not easy. When we look around at our world and allow it to define how we feel, we are living by default. When we decide we want to feel good and then look out at the world, we’ll perceive a different world. There are many teachers who teach these ideas; but in the end the only teacher you’ll ever really be able to understand is self. That has been my experience. We have to practice and watch for the evidence to show up in the ripples that come towards us.


When I look at the world and see the fear, the hate and pain I can internalize that and begin to feel that is truth; but when I feel love and joy and then look at the world, I still see the reality but I see it through very different eyes. I am from that point able to have more compassion, more understanding and more faith that everything will work out just fine.


My intention is powerful. But I cannot control where it lands; no more than I can control the ripples from a pebble dropped in a lake or river, or the sound of my voice carried on the wind, or how my smile might be received today. I can only trust.


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Rise UP Dear Women

Rise UP Dear Women of the World

Mixing it Up is More than Cooking.001

I take my cue from mother earth

She gives and she receives

She delights in new birth and revelation, every spring

She mourns and retreats to nurture herself as winter closes in


She trembles and shakes in ecstasy and anger; and sheds her toxins

She breathes her passion, her inspiration and howls her emotions

She weeps, filling up the oceans and seas; each tear nourishes life

She bleeds, purges and deepens the nutrients of the soil

She does not hide…she does not cringe…she does not deny who she is


Women of the earth have been reduced to objects

We are shamed to not need, not desire nor dream

We are indoctrinated to fulfill needs

We are conditioned to reject our own pleasure

We are indoctrinated to give pleasure often at our own expense


We are not taught to speak our truth

We hide behind our veils and makeup masks

We carry the shame of our femininity

We hide our breasts when nourishing our babies

But reveal them when called to entertain

We have been lied to and we accepted the lies


We have been taught to condemn our fellow sisters

Especially those who are raw and real; those who do not follow the rule of man

We must rise up, our earth calls us, our Divinity calls us, our humanity needs us

Humanity needs us and we have forgotten our place

Humanity is nourished by us

Life is given by us

Yes we bleed, we cry, we rage at injustice

Its time for us to shake off the toxins

And stop consuming them and trying to transmute them

There are too many now, we must stop their proliferation

It’s time to know our value


We cannot give pleasure from a broken soul

We cannot give nourishment from a depleted body

We cannot give wisdom from a programmed brain

We cannot be all we are as women, by trying to conform to a masculine template


We are not cookie cutter clones, we are unique divine perfection

I take my cue from mother earth; no two drops of water are the same

The masculine and feminine are meant to dance

To fill each other’s cup, to give and receive

Not to deplete one in favour of the other

Not to sacrifice one for the perceived superiority of the other


We are not objects and tools to sell products

We are not meant for service alone

We are the blood of life, the flow of wisdom

We must rise up …

Humanity needs our wholeness

Not the fractured illusions created by men who do not know us


The unchallenged irrational masculine has broken the feminine, to their own detriment

It is time for men and women to heal

To resurrect the beauty, the respect and perfection of the feminine

To return the divine masculine to his role in raising her up

It is time for that divine balance to birth itself in you and me


I take my cue from mother earth

She will not be defeated

Nor stand still

She shifts and changes and evolves

She cares not what anyone thinks of her

She knows who she is…Divine Perfection!


She does not hide in shame as she purges through her blood,

Her tears, her sweat, her birthing or death

She does not hide in her anger; she rages until she is spent

She does not hide in her pleasure; she shines in radiance for all to see

Man stands in awe and respect, before her magnificent power

I take my cue from her…


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2016 Tools Numerology

Vikki MacKinnon poster.001.jpg

As many are planning their goals and exploring their lives in the New Year, I thought I would share once again some insight I learned from chattin with Vikki MacKinnon a Master Numerologist and the author of ‘Please Take A Number’.

Her book is a resource that can be referred to daily, monthly and yearly. Here is a link to listen to the chat…on youtube

It’s really interesting to see how we can use the knowledge of numbers to support us in our day to day lives. When we are working with the support of the Universe life can be so much easier than trying to force our way on days when the energy just isn’t there for us.

You can work with Vikki even if you don’t live in her area, she has appointments via Skype etc. There is plenty of information on the video chat link above for connecting etc.

I thoroughly enjoyed her insight and wisdom!

Catherine Whelan Costen
Clarity Whisperer & Lets Get Real Chattin with Catherine or

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Resolutions or Not?

It’s January 3, 2016 and many people will be going back to their ‘normal’ lives tomorrow, with a whole new set of resolutions. We so often hear about the grandiose intentions of losing weight, or diets, new financial goals, or business intentions for the year. Changing habits due to a true desire to be the best we can be is an awesome choice.

Resolutions or Not? pic.001.jpg

We are often encouraged by coaches to make those resolutions public. There is a common understanding that making those declarations to our family and friends, will somehow keep us on track to fulfilling them. I tend to disagree with that ideology. It may work for some, but only if our purpose is to make others happy, or to get our validation from the external world.


How much guilt and shame do you need to motivate yourself into following your dreams? How much influence does your opinion have on other people’s dreams? How much do you want it to influence them or their opinion to influence you?

Crushing a person.001


Another theme I notice at this time of year is that many of those body image resolutions come on the heels of great feasting and celebrations. It seems to be a trend to punish ourselves for pleasure. Collectively we seem to believe that feasting and enjoying ourselves must have a detrimental affect on our body. We feel guilt and shame for our choices and then resolve to make it ‘right’ in the New Year.


Public declarations and shaming have become very popular, but do they actually help us to be the best we can be? My experience is the exact opposite. Submitting ourselves, our lifestyles and choices to the public or family for their judgment and approval, indicates insecurity to me. While some may feel a certain sense of belonging when sharing in the group mentality, I find it very limiting.


The need for public approval seems to be a new habit or addiction in our modern societies, with all the social media instant feedback ‘app’. How did successful people function in the years before they could post a picture of their food choices and wait for people to like it or share it or comment on the rightness of that choice? Or post a picture of their before and after body image? Isn’t it enough to feel good in our body?


When did we become such an insecure society? The need to belong to groups of individuals with a common things to hate, or love has reduced the individual expression to meaningless in our disconnected connected world. We are so addicted to the approval of others that we often fail to know our own minds and hearts. There is a difference between sharing and exploring with others and the submission for acceptance and approval.


I do understand how much our modern world has created the busyness sensation, while at the same time we’ve become so lonely for real connection and love. The only way to stop this addiction, in my experience, is to find what we love about ourselves and trust our own inner guidance. Stop asking the world to tell us we are just fine.


When we find reasons to celebrate life, to feast and express our joy, there is no need to validate it by others acceptance of it. There is no need to feel guilty or ashamed of our choices. Each of us has the right to live our lives as we see fit, provided we do no harm to others.


Why do we continually submit ourselves for public approval? I think it’s simply a trend, or phase that’s gotten out of hand and is not really helping us evolve.


I’m not really a religious person, but I find great wisdom in many of the religious books and prophets, mystics and visionaries. There is a great quote from the Bible; Matthew 6:2-8 I believe, which speaks about the importance of praying in private, giving to charity privately etc. This is a really great piece of wisdom to contemplate. I get the sense that Matthew wanted us to know that external validation really does not serve us at all!


Our experience on planet earth is primarily a journey to explore and expand self, not to prove our worth to the world, but to challenge ourselves for the sake of expanding self.


It matters not to me if others agree with my choices of wisdom, or food, or how I look; what matters is how I feel about my choices. I do not need to publicly declare my desire to eat more salad, or give more to a charity this year, or whatever my heart leads me to. Having external sources hold me accountable to a standard I set, is absurd to my way of thinking. I make my choices in the moment. If I want to eat chocolate I do, if I want to dance I do and if I don’t I don’t. It’s really simple. The only time I over eat or over indulge in anything is when I believe there is a lack. When I believe I am not good enough, or that if I don’t eat it all now I won’t have it later, that’s when I am out of sync with truth and I punish myself. Exercise because I think my body is not good enough is futile for me, but exercise when it feels good is exhilarating and always has positive outcomes.


If I have a goal or desire I want to manifest, that is between me and my inner most self and if I change my mind that is also an internal decision. We have made ourselves accountable to a public that will not normally be affected one way or another, by our choices, when the person we really need to please is our self. That is not being selfish, it’s being responsible.


The only reason we would tell others and ask them to help us keep on track, is if we are motivated by shame, or guilt and that is not a good motivation tool in my experience.


I did not come to this planet to merely survive the experience, in part because nobody survives it; we are all going to drop our body at some point. So for me it’s about expanding into the best I can be and thriving all the way.


So I do not make New Year’s Resolutions. Never have. I do reflect on the last year and years prior in order to observe my growth. I explore my desires of ‘what next’? And I allow things to be revealed to me.


This year I watched many people suggest we chose a ‘word’ to reflect our intentions for the year. I saw those messages and a lot of very good words, but none really spoke to me until last night.


The word that really resonates with my sense about this year is ‘realize’. I intend to realize my full potential, my journey with new eyes, to realize the gifts in all people and realize the joy in thriving. So while I will not be resolving to not do anything or to do anything specific, my intention is to realize more of what is already present.

Posters for Empowerment Taking the Gloves Off.001

To realize the hidden joy, beauty and expression of magnificence in the everyday, will be a theme for me.


Please know that if you are resolving to make changes, I applaud you. If you have reached a place that calls you to expand and be more, I applaud you. If you are doing anything in order to gain approval or validation from others, I ask you to ask yourself if that is truly important to your happiness and wellbeing. Our paths are our own to explore and I wish everyone the best along the way!





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Wise Women Speak on

I am feeling called to do a series of shows this next season, starting in February 2016, called ‘Wise Women Speak’Wise Women Speak.001.jpg on Lets Get Real Chattin with Catherine‘.

Along with that I will continue to chat with some of the regular guests on Metaphysical insights and vision and I will be exploring further into natural health options, integrative medicine and ‘alternative’ health insights.

In the fall of 2015 I was the media partner for the International Kinesiology Conference 2015 held in Banff, Alberta. I interviewed many of the presenters and vendors and you can view some of those interviews on the youtube channel. What became apparent to me is that there is a great deal of information and options available to us to assist us in living and thriving, not merely surviving. I want to bring more of that to you this season!

I am looking for sponsors who have products that fit with these themes to help support the ongoing expenses of production. This will allow for reaching a broader global audience, along with opening the door to more insight to be shared.

It is clear to me that women are still making the majority of purchases for their households whether they have the money control or not. Many know what they want for their families and many more are choosing natural products, non-GMO food, cosmetics that heal and nourish their skin, they are also making choices on better ways to educate their children, vehicle’s that do as little harm to the environment as possible and many women are running their own businesses and have the finances to make larger purchases than ever before.

These are the women who watch . These are the women who know that a better world can only happen when they are empowered. They have strong points of view and many have come to those views through life’s lessons. Like me they know there is a better way and they are searching for insight from the wisdom that is already out there. Not to be told what to do, but to be offered options and choices and know their voices matter.

I will be seeking guests who have a voice, who know their truth and have valuable insight to share with the world. The show is already viewed globally and I believe more people are ready for exploring higher visions than ever before. Our time is now! Shift has happened for many and now we want to know where to apply our money, our intellect, our passion and courage to make the world better for us, for our families and for all of humanity, in harmony with momma earth!

If you know of products or companies who want to get their message out to these audiences, or people who want to share their insight on the show, please share this post. All the contact info is on and Sponsor info is there as well. If you are looking for a more specific sponsorship packaged tailored to your company, contact to discuss.

I am super pumped and excited to step into 2016 with enthusiasm for the future!